Friday, 14 May 2010

Important News about YEAH YM006



As you may of heard YM006 Festivals has gone to print! You probably have, because we have been hollering it from the roof tops for weeks!

YM006 has been set to come out tomorrow Saturday the 15th of May.

BUT for VERY VERY good reason it will now be set back a few days till Tuesday/Wednesday next week.
If you saw YM005, you would know that it was YEAHs first trip into being perfect bound! We decided to go for the more expensive bind to bring up the quality feel of the publication and to make YEAH stand out in the crowd. The problem was that the print company we went to for YM005 sadly did not bind the magazine properly and a lot of the artwork was lost.

So for YM006 we have gone to a new printers!

Trust me I'm getting to the point... Our new printers are so so HOT that they have refused to print YM006 until it's PERFECT... We have been working with the printers all week to make YM006 the best we can get it.

So it's put us back a couple of days.

No Problem!! It will be worth it! We promise!

From tomorrow you will be able to 'PRE-ORDER' YM006 off
We will then send them out as soon as we get them back from the printers!

The 2010 subscription will be available too!!!

Watch this space


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