Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ben Flannaghan introduces The Zoo Shoe Project!!!

You may remember the other week Ben Flannaghan was in the YEAH studios with the talented Hannah Goodrham working on an exciting project....

Well here it is!!! The Zoo Shoe... WATCH THE VIDEO...

'THE IDEA is a shoe with an interchangeable upper or 'skin' which is separate to the sole and tongue. The Zoo Skin would be ‘open source’, whereby anyone can contribute their design, resulting in a collaborative experience that aims to showcase new and emerging talent. The skins attach onto the sole of the shoe using a zip that would run around the back of the sole. The skins would be sold separately from the soles so that the wearer can change the appearance of their shoes cheaply and easily.

The Skins are not just a platform for artist and designers, they could also promote bands, events, clubs, companies, magazines, festivals...'

How cool eh?

YEAH will be working a lot in the future with Ben and The Zoo Shoe project!

Go check out the website to look at more info and the portfolio shot by Hannah!


Watch this space!


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