Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wez Shoooting For YM005

Wez has been out Shooting the lovely Fred Stewart For Kylie Barton's article for YM005 out in February. Quality Stuff!


Chris Grout Smith Exhibition

Chris Grout-Smith has been in the Photo industry for many years and hes a LOVELY GUY- check his beautiful work out
at the Oxmarket Galleries, Chichester, 1 to 13 February 2010 inc weekends
Go check it out!!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Errey has been in the studio for YM005

Errey has been in the Studio for YEAH's 5th Issue YM005 Girls and Boys!!
The shoot will be across 4 pages in the new Issue.

'I wanted to show what women are to me; Beautiful, amazing, fascinating creatures that completely astound me ( well most of the time.. ). So i wanted to do a pure looking beauty shoot to show this. Hanna Reilly was a clear choice to model for it, she is pure gorgeousness. I was very happy how the shoot went and cant wait to see the results :-D. Also thanks to Wez for assisting! ' Errey

See the Finished Result in the Magazine out on Feb 15th!!


Hanna Reilly, Errey and Wez in the Studio

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Benaversary and Steveaversary

A year ago today Stevie came into my life. On placement from Portsmouth Uni to Alton College where I work, Stevie quickly became involved with YEAH and a great friendship was born.

YEAH Magazine MOST Definitely would not be what it is today, or possibly still exist without Stevie being on the scene. So everyone should be thankful!!!

Here's to 2010 - hope we are even more successful!

Thank you Steve!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Cass Gowing - New YEAH Fashion Blog

Cass will be doing YEAH's new regular fashion blog!!! here goes... YEAH

Unleash the wild within your wardrobe.

One of 2009’s most eagerly anticipated films swept our imagination into a world far, far away where a nine year old boy is made king to a collection of ground bounding, mud throwing, eight feet tall creatures. But Spike Jonze didn’t just steal my imagination with Where The Wild Things Are, he’s also inspired my fashion sense…

I was not only in awe of the handcrafted and beautifully creative cinematography, but also utterly envious of Max’s wolf costume. Comfort – yes, style - yes, quirkiness – definitely! After seeing WTWTA, all I wanted to do was run around the streets in a white wolf jumpsuit (after all, jumpsuits are set to make yet another fashion comeback in 2010…)

Whilst this may not be deemed as an acceptable outfit for popping down the shops in (sob); I’ve come up with some other ways to incorporate an animalistic approach into any outfit.

One of the most popular options for a winter jacket this season has been the fur coat. Warm, cosy and vintage as hell, this is a trend that everyone knows about and justifiably so. Our favourite faux fur coat is from River Island ( ) but I’d always recommend to check your local charity and vintage shops first, because chances are you can get one for half the price.

Feathers have been in the spotlight all this winter; some people have hit the fashion nail bang on the head; whilst others just end up looking like Big Bird. The key to this trend is the all time classic fashion law: less is more. So add a feather cape to a simple dress (such as Miss Selfridge’s cape =) or a simple yet stylish hair clip, for example 2adorn’s feather spray to ruffle the fashion feathers in a very, very good way.

Animal Ears
A trend that technically was started by a certain Mr. W. Disney; animal ears have progressed from fancy dress to high fashion. Started by Luelle, continued by Vuitton and Chanel then commercialised by Lily Allen and the Olsen twins; animal ears are the ultimate way to make a cute and quirky statement to your outfit. I would love to be able to afford a Maison Michel Rabbit Ear Lace Headband, but as I can’t I’ll be heading to ( to follow this trend.

If none of these replacement options will do, and still all you want is Max’s wolf costume. Head to where you can create your very own animal all in one. So, if you see a twenty odd year old blonde in a wolf outfit down your local Tescos; wave and say hello, I won’t bite…

Cass Gowing

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Stevie's YM005 Shoot!!

...and what a shoot it was!!

Today was the shoot for my YM005 article (no, I'm not going to tell you what it's about), and really, it was AWESOME!!

I had SO much fun, and my models were incredible. Complete naturals infront of the camera!!

So, here's a little sneak peak... For a bit more, check out our facebook page!!

If you wanna know why I had three handsome men naked in a studio, check out YM005 when it's out in February... I promise it will all become very clear!!

Just one more thing, a massive thank you to my naked men - Luke, Olly and Jack.

If your lucky, you might see them on a poster near you, VERY SOON!!



I'll leave you with a fantastic photo of me and my boys =D

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

YM005 Cover Being Shot Today by Max Catterall - Hear what he has to say

Max Today will be shooting the cover for YM005 Girls and Boys.
YEAH is very excited.
We wanted you guys to hear a little from Max..
So here you are..

Over to Max =)

Since leaving Alton, where I met Errey and Stevie, plus a whole load of other amazing people! It’s also where I first heard of YEAH, and I’ve wanted to get involved with it since. Most of my work is an architectural style but it’s all the people and little details within the scene that interest me. Since Alton I’ve moved down to Bournemouth to study Commercial Photography, which is INCREDIBLE. I’m just coming to the end up a big portraiture project that has been focused on technical skills and printing. My first ever go at Portraiture, and on cameras I’ve never used before? Love it. So at the Youth Led Media Summit when the idea of me shooting the cover for Girls and Boys came up, there could only be one answer!

SWEEEET. Seriously excited about shooting this tonight


Watch this space for the Cover the release for YM005

Coming very soon.

Be excited!!! Because we are!


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

YM004 Interviews

Errey and Stevie YM004 Interview

For the Contributors section of YM004 we revamped it by having a random interview with a couple of the issues talents! We Chose Photographer Johan Nilsson and Writer Esther Rayson.
Buy a copy of YM004 off the website to see the pages

Stevie and Errey Answered the questions too! See bellow-
YEAH- Whats your favourite type of cheese?

E- REALLY big Babybell from france
S- Really mature Cheddar mmm Cathedral City

YEAH- What would you do if you were given a £1000? (you have to spend it.. )

E- Defo buy a Rolleiflex.
S- Go to New York

YEAH- What are your Phobias?

E – Claustrophobic!
S- Window Cleaners

YEAH- What is your most expensive piece of Clothing?

E- Sixty Coat =£200
S-Cocktail Dress =£75

YEAH- If you could go to any country, what would it be?

E-Anywhere than has F1!!

YEAH- If you could meet anyone Famous who would it be?

E- Rankin
S- Myself

YEAH- What’s your Favourite movie?

E- Pulp Fiction
S- Lion King

YEAH- If you could be an animal?

S- Flamingo

YEAH- Fav body part?

E- Face
S- Legs

There you are; an insight to the great minds behind YEAH..