Thursday, 31 December 2009

The end of our first year - by Stevie

As we come to the end of our first year, we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who's been involved with YEAH.

This time last year, YEAH was not much more than a sparkling little idea in Errey's head. The first ever issue was released in February 2009, by which point it had a new co-editor - Me!! Who'd have thought that a teaching placement would leave me with a fledgling magazine to love and nurture.

It's been said many times and by many people that Errey and I act like a married couple - finishing each others sentences and bickering over nothing at all. And really, when we think about it, YEAH is our baby. From it's birth in February, we've loved it, nurtured, spent many sleepless nights thinking about it. But we both love it more than anything.

If you've been lucky enough to look at the first issue, you'll understand when we say how much it's improved. We have come so far in just 12 months, and it might sound a bit big headed, but really, we're damn proud of it!!

But enough about us, YEAH wouldn't be anywhere without the work of all our dedicated, talented and inspirational contributors.

YM001, all the way back in February, was made up of the work of just a small group of people. All the imagery was Errey's own, with only a couple of writers and other people helping out.

In our latest issue, YM004, we had the work of over 25 contributors. People of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. All of whom found out about YEAH and decided they wanted to get involved. We want to take a moment to thank every single person who has contributed to YEAH over the past year. We really wouldn't be where we are now without you, and we hope we have helped you as much as you have helped us.

I also want to thank everyone who has believed in us, offered advice, or even just bought a copy!! All those people who heard about YEAH, and saw the spark, saw the potential. You have helped us immensely, from the obvious support we needed to get the project off the ground, but also, for having faith, it's your encouragement that gave us the drive to keep going.

Not only have we produced 4 magazines in 2009, YEAH is about more than that. We have been lucky enough to attend the UK's first ever Youth Led Media Summit, that was such an honour for us. We've started selling in shops across the south coast, and in Sweden!! In October Errey and I went on our first ever business trip, to visit Johan in Gothenburg - to name just a few!!

2009 is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. We are gonna get so much better in 2010, we already have a lot of really massive, exciting plans (all top secret of course, but be excited!!). So if we could ask just one more thing from all of you, all of YEAH's fans and supporters, it's that you keep on supporting us. We're going from strength to strength, and it's all thanks to you guys.

So from both Errey and myself, we want to say a huge huge huge thank you, to all of you.

I'm gonna apologise now for this next part, this post is turning into a bit of an Oscar Winning Speech, but really, it needs to be done. So here's all our thankyou's...

To both my parents, and Errey's, and our whole families - you've put up with us through it all, through the ups and downs. Amanda, Rich, Naomi and Kate - for understanding, and letting us put YEAH first.

To Johan - for believing in us, for his amazing photography, and for looking after us in Sweden.

To Jools, David, Paul and Andy - For all your help, support, advice and encouragement. We couldn't have done it without you.

To all of our contributors (there's too many of you to name, sorry guys, but you are all important to us!) - Without you guys, there'd be nothing to make a magazine from.

To our stockists - You have helped us spread the word of YEAH.

To everyone who's ever bought a copy YEAH - You believed in us, and supported us.

To every single person, who's ever said a nice word about us - We cannot say how much we appreciate your feedback. You keep us smiling when it gets tough, you give us the determination to keep working hard!

Okay, Okay, I'm almost done. There's just one more person I want to thank, this time just from me.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you Errey - you believed in me, you let me in, and let me share this amazing project with you. In less than a year you've become my best friend, I can't imagine life without you, or without YEAH.

There's a little bit of me that's sad our first year is coming to an end. But every other part of me is bursting with excitement for 2010. I'll be back in the new year with an update of what to expect, but for now...

Happy New Year Everyone

Thank you for your love, support and encouragement, we couldn't have done it without you!!

Much YEAH Love,

Errey & Stevie

(But Stevie wrote this, so all the I and Me bits, are from Steve)

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas from YEAH!!

It's been a fantastic first year for us, all thanks to you guys!! But more on that later (2009 isn't over yet!)

I doubt either of us will be on our computers tomorrow, too busy unwrapping presents and stuffing our faces... So, we'll get the Christmas thing done now!!


Eat, Drink and be Merry - I know I will be!!


YEAH does not support or encourage consumption of alcohol, but we fully support and believe in santa!

Steve like mini things!!

How cool is this?! They all look teeny tiny!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Rod Stanley + Errey Pictures!

Errey + Rod Stanley! Good Times!

YEAH at the Youth Led Media Summit!!

Okay, so it might be a few days late... But it's time for Steve's report on the Youth Led Media Summit.

Although I'm REALLY not a fan of early morning starts (I was up at 4am, yuck), it was an absoloutly incredible day!!

Me and Errey were on the train bright and early, working on our presentation - nothing like leaving things to the last minute!! We met up with Max Catterall (a friend of ours, ex-alton student, YEAH supporter since the beginning and the lucky guy who's shooting the cover for YM005) and hopped on the tube to Liverpool Street!!

The whole event was held at RichMix in London's Bethnal Green Road, a really amazing up and coming arts centre. We got an awesome welcome from the organisers - could definitely get used to be recognised like that!! Then luckily had a bit of a chance to chill out before the day got underway.

At 9.30 we all went off to the Cinema for an official welcome from the events host Riz Ahmed. We listened to some fantastic people talk, from some really interesting backgrounds and projects. Everyone there was in some way involved in Youth Media projects, where Young People make over 50% of the decisions.

There was a panel debate, discussing issues of misrepresentation of Young People in the media, it was a really interesting discussion, with some very strong points being raised!! On the panel, chaired by Riz, was Rod Stanley (Editor of Dazed and Confused), Bob Satchwell (from the Society of Editors), Matt Locke (from Channel 4), Rajini (from BBC Radio 1 News), Dwain Lucktung (from Ctrl.Alt.Shift) and Sir Al (the Childrens Commissioner for England).

After some rather fantastic Bagels, we were up - time for our presentation!!

It went really well, despite Errey gabbing too much, and leaving me to rush through my section! We showed a video walkthrough of YM004, our current issue.

We heard some more fantastic people talking about their projects, before heading off for lunch - Yumm!!

During lunch we had so many people wanting to talk to us, it was fantastic!! The feedback we got from the magazine was so inspiring, everyone seemed to love it!! We've now got some really exciting leads for 2010, more information on that one later!!

Then it was the moment we'd been waiting for - our workshop with Dazed and Confused Editor, Rod Stanley. It was really brilliant, really relaxed and informal. We chatted about the problems we've all faced with our projects, and how we can get around them. He told us about working at Dazed, really interesting stuff!!

After that the event sort of came to an end, but we all had such an amazing day. Met loads of really inspiring people, especially Warsan and Susana, who managed to put the whole event together, and made it run so smoothly - so a massive thankyou to them!!

I think that's just about everything from the Summit itself, but not the most exciting part of the day!! You see, we'd been planning all day to head off to the pub after the event... And Max jokingly said that Errey would probably ask Rod to come with us, so what did I do?? I texted Errey, saying we think he should invite Rod out for a drink with us... And he did.

And we found ourselves propping up the bar in a London Pub, with the Editor of Dazed and Confused. He really couldn't be a nicer guy, asking loads of questions about our magazine, giving us ideas, and just generally chatting!! It was SO surreal, but SO awesome.

That one's definitely going down in the YEAH history books!!

We had a really really fantastic day, and it has helped the project so much. It's got us so inspired, and more determined than ever to make it work!!

We've got some very exciting meetings lined up in the new year... with Portsmouth's Express FM, and with Fran from the National Youth Agency - very exciting stuff!!


Fan-bloooooomin-tastic day all round!

Once again, a massive thanks to Max (for travelling all the way from Bournemouth!), Warsan and Susana (for making the whole thing happen) and Rod (for being generally pretty fantastic)!!

Don't forget - YM004 is available NOW on our website - what are you waiting for??

& The submission deadline for YM005 themed GIRLS & BOYS is January 5th!

And from myself and Errey...


FREE YEAHs and Colleges

Want to get you and friends a free copy of YEAH?
Well get your College/SU to buy some!!

300 Copies were today handed out by the Alton Colleges SU to fellow Students. Very happy Chappys! YEAH Struck a deal with the ACSU to buy in bulk and got them half price!

Get your college involved!!! Get in Contact with YEAH!!!

Thanks to The ACSU!


Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Themes!!

Are you sitting comfortably?

We've had a very exciting week, as usual!!

On Tuesday night we welcomed our newest member of the team, YEAH's Business Strategist, Andy Mew!!

Andy is a graduate from Portsmouth University, and he's joined us to back up the business side of things. The plan is for him to kick Errey and I into touch and help really get things off the ground.

His first achievement as Business Strategist was to get us organised, and sort out themes!!

So, are you ready for this? We've decided on all of YEAH's themes for 2010!!

We all know that YM005 in February will be themed GIRLS & BOYS.
(A bit of a celebration, it's our first birthday!!)

If you want to get involved, simply submit whatever work you think is appropriate to the theme. The deadline for all submissions is January 4th 2010 (Although if you're a writer, we'll love you forever if you get your article to us before then!)

Girls & Boys not quite for you??

Try one of our other themes in 2010.

YM006 out MAY 2010

YM007 out AUGUST 2010

YM008 out NOVEMBER 2010

Get submitting guys!

Much Love, YEAH!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Alex Errey Film Review! The Men Who Stare At Goats

The Men Who Stare at Goats
"No Goats, No Glory"

Released - 6th November 2009
Run time - 94 mins
Certificate - 15: Contains drug references and brief Nudity

Director - Grant Heslov
Writers - Peter Straughan (Screenplay)
Jon Ronson (Book)
Cast - George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Stephen Lang

BBC Films
Smoke House
Westgate Film Services

It's not very often I get a chance to go to the cinema, usually due to a lack of funds or not being brave enough to go by myself. Luckily, I was able to go with my friend Skwiggles, to a screening of the Coen brothers new film, "A Serious Man". Sadly though, his homework wasn't very good and the film wasn't showing that evening, it didn't seem that the film was on at that cinema at all, just endless screenings of "Up" or "Twilight: New Moon". After much groaning and one Subway Sandwich later, the decision was made to go see "The Men Who Stare at Goats", I had heard abit about it but was intrigued to find out for myself whether it was worth the ticket price, which actually turned out to be quite reasonable.

Bob Wilton (Ewan McGregor) is a journalist. He's recently divorced and like all heartbroken men, he goes to war. While trying to find a story worthy of rubbing in the faces of other war correspondents, Bob meets Lyn Cassady (George Clooney), a guy who claims to be a former member in the US Army's First Earth Battalion, a unit that practised paranormal skills in their missions . When Lyn has to make a business deal somewhere in Iraq, Bob tags along to find out whether there is some truth to it all. Along the way we learn of the mentor Lyn looked up to so highly and what happened to the rest of the Jedi Warriors. What really happened to "The men Who Stare at Goats"?

Firstly, I must point out that this filmed is adapted from the best selling book of the same title, if I had know that I was going to see this film, I would have read it beforehand. Trying to get understand the film as a bigger picture can be difficult otherwise. The film can easily stand alone but the experience may be better if you do your research first. "The Men Who Stare at Goats" is based upon a true story, more of it is true than false. That can be very hard to grasp, no matter how hard it is for us to accept that Paranormal studies were once used in the US Army, it happened.

It's always nice to see a film starring George Clooney, most of us have seen his work and he always seems to fit the role, as if spending months trying to make the character workable. All I can say is, he certainly has talent. Jeff Bridges makes an appearance as a strangely familiar person. For those of you who are fans of the Coen Brothers, you will easily be forgiven for suggesting that Bill could easily be mistaken for The Dude, from "The Big Lebowski" fame. I'm not a fan or actors putting on accents, especially not when it's British to American. Ewan McGregor had to put on an accent for the role of Bob, even though it's a very good accent, I'd rather hear him in his native Scottish Tongue. With a story like this, it's hard to not get a Star Wars reference in and without reading the book I can't give you a great account of the truth about some of the names in the film.

The paranormal super soldier program in "The Men Who Stare at Goats" is known as project Jedi. The script certainly plays off this fact, many references to the force and the darkside crop up in intervals that are UN-satisfyingly short. I still can't work out if the role of Bob was given to Ewan purely for that reason. Having a constant in-joke that Ewan was in the Star Wars Prequels certainly tickles but was defiantly unnecessary. Another thing that's blatantly clear, is that the film struggles to define itself. The first 20 minutes alone position the flick for a thriller/drama overview but 5 minutes later, it turns out to be a comedy and when you finally work out what pillar it's leaning against, it returns to the blender for another thorough mixing. There are two ways to watch this film, either as a Mockumentary, taking thee mick out of the Americans for practising paranormal activities in the army, or a comical Documentary, non-fiction with comical tendency's to draw in a different crowd. Take your pick.

Some films sit highly with me, I watch them then buy them. With "The Men Who Stare at Goats", I'm still undecided. When it comes to DVD in late March 2010, I may be willing to give it another chance to blow my skirt up, I honestly don't think this film is for big screen viewing. A night in with the family maybe, I don't think it's worth the cost of transport. Just keep it in mind if you're struggling for viewing pleasure next year.

Alex Errey


YEAH on sale at Make do and Mend In Alton Hants

YEAH YM004 is now on sale at Make do and Mend in Alton Hampshire!

The shop is run by Claire Neal and specializes in Self sufficiency supplies, books and hand made gifts created by local people and NOW a complete range of Lomo Cameras.

So if you are in the Alton area - GO GRAB A COPY OF YM004 NOW!!!!

The shop is amazing! Go and give it your support!

Check the website -

The address is -

Make Do And Mend
22A Market Square
GU34 1HD



Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Chris Saltmarsh

Chris Saltmarsh - Illustrator/Graphic Designer and General Very Nice Guy. Chris's work was way back in YM002. Since then he been a busy boy! Creating some amazing work and living it up to the max . Recently Chris has been helping YEAH in trying to get it sold in shops in Bristol! Watch this space!

So i thought it would be cool to let you guys know what he has been up to.

Over to Chris!

''What am I doing these days? A big question, Errey! Riiiight, since finishing my Art Foundation course at Alton, I’ve moved onto studying Illustration at Bristol UWE. My current Uni project is going to be based on OCDs/disorders/thought processes/ general things that make us tick over. I’m focussing a lot of this study on a fascinating disorder called Synesthesia, in which people have a jumble of senses, and when reading, read in various colours. Bristol’s a city packed with inspiration; from the street art, to the underground music. Oh, and the cider bar, on a boat. AMAZING.

Recently I’ve started my first proper scribble book; I’m in dire need of some more thinking space, so it’s going to be jammed with all the things going on upstairs. Snippets of this book will no doubt be popping up on my Flickr page soon ( I’ll also be making my own blog soon, which’ll probably run in conjunction with the scribble book. I’ll keep you posted.
I’m also keeping you up to date with The Impossible Project; thank God these guys are bringing back Polaroid! Lots of messing about with fresh new stock in the new year.

I’m once again getting involved with Myspace layout design for various clients; currently got one in the pipeline for a dubstep duo, ‘Arclight’. That’ll be completed in the next few days. If you’re into dubstep yourself, they’re worth a listen, and if you’re around Bristol, come check out one of their DJ sets! ( Also completed one over the summer for a sick band called ‘Workhorse’, WELL worth a listen (
That’s about it really, Errey. Hopefully that’s covered all the bases!

Take it easy,

Chris x

We hope to see some of Chris's work in YEAH in the future!
People! Let us know what you are doing! So we can tell others!
AND if you have a shop in mind where we could Sell YEAH Please let us know!