Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lani Douangchak- Amazing Makeup Artist

LaniDs work features in my (errey) images in YM003 Retro.
I was truely amazed at her skill, professionalism and shes just lovely.
I would recommend Lani to any photographer or filmmaker anywhere.
In a massive mess up Lani's name was left out of the magazine so please...
Check out her Folio and Blog

Image of Kate Charman with Lani's makeup.Lani's Flickr is

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

YM003 some amazing people we just couldnt fit in! 1#

Hey from YEAH!
When we put together the magazine we get in so so much amazing work from some truly incredible talent. Sadly with our limited space ( please buy a copy so we can afford to expand! lol) we can never fit every ones work in. So what we are endeavoring to do is to Show case their work in our Blog so we can still get their work out there! Sorry again to anyone who didn't get in,
Please try again!

Helen Dean, Age 18, Location Alton UK

Willy Harris Age 21, London

Thursday, 20 August 2009

YM003 is out NOW

YM003 is out now! Thank you to all the people that have already bought a mag. This issue is our best yet and it looks so good! Thank you to all the people that have contributed their fantastic work to the issue.

We have lots of new shiny sections to the mag, including music, a comic and a surprising toy... lol

Please buy one to see what i am on about.

The YEAH project is going great! But we still need your support please buy a copy and spread the word. We are here for you!!!


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

YEAHs new website is now LIVE. This is the basis for the YEAHs project new community.
Go Register, buy a copy of the current magazine and get out there!!!


Friday, 14 August 2009


Hey all!
Due to unforseen circumstances etc etc the next issue of YEAH, YM003 RETRO will now be out on thrusday the 20th! Sorry to make you guys wait, but we assure you that its worth it!
This issue is most definitely the best yet, we have developed so much this time round. SO please support us and when the magazine comes out buy a copy! thank you!


What you reckon of our new cover?