Friday, 26 February 2010

YEAH Cass Gowing Fashion Blog

YEAH hearts nudes, and we think you should too.

I love nudes. I don’t mean naturists (not that I have anything against those who have the balls, ahem, to wander around naked), but of course I’m talking fashion. Nude colour trends are the biggest thing for Spring / Summer ’10. Cream, beige, grey, ivory, soft blush pink and mauve shades will be your must have for next season so here’s my top five ways to get started on this au naturale trend.

Nude shoes.
If Mother Nature hasn’t blessed you with naturally long and luxurious pins, there’s something you can do to change this; and fortunately for all; its also one of the hottest trends for Spring. Whether you prefer sandals, shoobs, boots, wedges, ballet pumps or classic courts; all will fit the nude trend. I wish I could cover my tootsies in Christian Louboutin’s nude platform pumps but instead I will be opting for one of ASOS’s many options:

Nude nails.
I, like thousands of other women worldwide, have been hunting high and low to find somewhere, anywhere that stocks Chanel’s Le Vernis 505 Particuliere nail polish. Eagerly anticipated for months as the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, this mauve nail colour has sold out worldwide, and the next delivery is not for another two weeks (sigh). I’ve bought Nails Inc Jermyn Street (£10.50, available from most department stores and salons) until I can get the real deal.

Nude lace.
I lived in my Topshop black lace leotard all winter, despite the chills, so I am very excited to see the range of nude lace pieces available for Spring. This is the most daring out of all the trends; but definitely worthwhile. Despite my dedication to leotards, I think I prefer their lace crop top with shoulder pad accents and black elastic waist for £25:

Nude Bags.
If you’re too shy for the opaqueness of a nude lace top, why not just opt for accessories? After all accessories are often the simplest and easiest way to introduce a new trend to your wardrobe. I love Accesorize’s Shelly Cream shoulder bag for £28:,5,shop,accessorize,alldaybags,plaindaybag

Nude Glasses.
Carrying on with the accessories theme, why not look forward to the sunshine with some nude sunnies? I’d recommend looking in Vintage shops first, but if you can’t find the real deal choose Topshop’s temple detail beige shades for £15:

With trends like these; you’ll be turning so many heads, you might as well not be wearing anything at all.

Cass Gowing

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Errey went to Morroco

Last week Errey went to Morocco... WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE!!!

If you ever get a chance to go I totally endorse that you do. I was lucky enough to go along on a Photography trip taking 39 17/18 year olds to Marrakech and De Imlil in the Atlas Mountains (don’t beat me up for spellings!). When we first step foot out in center of the city it felt like being on a film set! There was so much going on, with lots of new sights and smells bombarding the senses. It’s all so different to the UK. What a brilliant place for photography, there is a picture around every corner; you become “photo-ed” out because there is just so much!
In complete juxtaposition to the busy Marrakech, an hours drive away up into the mountains sitting at the base Mountain Jbel Toubkal was De Imlil an incredible Berber village set in a huge picturesque valley. We had a Kasbah luxury hotel all to ourselves; being staff we had UBER luxury rooms. SO good! We were there for a couple of days going on hikes around the valley, chilling out in the Berber villages, relaxing on balcony in the nice weather and having a few drinkies in the evenings. PERFECT.
I didn’t want to leave the mountains at all. I will be going back.

Isn’t traveling brilliant?


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

YEAH in The Alton Herald!

YEAH has been in the press this week. It was the Alton Herald.. BUT STILL cool
Click on the picture to make the article readable...

Thanks to Kylie Barton for writing the Article and getting it into the paper.

DID you know... that our 5th issue is OUT NOW
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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stevie's Magazine Rant

A little off topic maybe, but I thought I'd share my thoughts and ramblings on the world of magazines, a world which seems to be slowly consuming my own little world.

So, at the moment magazines are pretty much my life…

I’ve recently started my Final Year project for my degree. Yes, I am studying Photography. But, my project is not all that much about Photography really.

Starting from our baby YEAH Magazine, I have decided to focus my projects on magazines. The plan, at the moment at least, is to create a one off, special edition of YEAH. It will be theme based (of course), but commissioned and directed by yours truly. Although I will use other peoples work, the finished product will be my work – authorship blah blah.

To be honest, I’m really quite excited about it. It’ll give me the chance to really play around and explore what a magazine is, and can be. I have no limitations whatsoever, exciting stuff! Look out for more about this soon, ideas for a theme anyone?

My rant?

I’ve been starting to research a lot into magazines, for the project you see. I’ve found some awesome things, zines, artists books and mags – all getting me very excited!!

But one thing is really bugging me. Whenever I find an awesome looking mag, look around their website, and I can’t find anywhere to actually buy the magazine.

No, I don’t want to read it online, I don’t want to download a PDF. I want to be able to hold an actual real live magazine, flick through it, feel the paper, smell that new magazine smell. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I just seem to have this overwhelming, irrational passion for print.

Why is it that magazines are fading out, they are stopping to exist.. as magazines. It actually makes me kinda sad, they can be so beautiful. To a lot of people, magazines seem to be what you read on the train to pass time. To me, they’re gorgeous, they’re an art in themselves. I’m not talking Heat and OK here, I mean the more arty types. It’s not just something to read, or look at. I don’t think about an article, an image, and another article. It’s the whole experience as you flick from cover to cover, taking in the words, the images, the adverts and the messages you get from it all.

I know I probably sound totally deranged, but I just LOVE magazines. Real ones, that you can touch. And smell.

Rant Over.

Thanks for reading =D

Monday, 15 February 2010

YM005 is here!!

YEAH is officially one year old =D

We look sexy and old and fit.... SO much more grown up than last year!!

We really really think you should go buy a copy right now, to see what we're talking about...

And to read an awesome article about our last year!!

and, it smells awesome!!


Monday, 8 February 2010

Mike Stimpson

Mike Stimpson has three of his beautiful photographs in YM005 - GIRLS & BOYS. His photographs are unique, quirky and to be perfectly honest, just plain cool. We asked him to tell us a bit about himself and his work...
"I'm a part-time photographer, and full-time video game programmer, from the West Midlands. I try to create whimsically funny photographs in miniature, and have tendency to try and remake famous works of art with small plastic people. The contents of my photographic toolbox consists mostly of Lego figures, a good proportion of which are Lego Stormtroopers due to my Star Wars obsession. 
 I take my inspirations from any type of art I can find, photographs, paintings, films, online and in books. If I stuff my head with enough visual knowledge I find ideas for photographs pop out ocasionally.  
I've been into photography for about 3 years, Lego a lot longer, Star Wars probably longer than that. No-one has yet mentioned to me that that art has to be serious, so I'm trying to take as many photos as I can before I realise that." 

Order YM005 NOW to see his work along side a fantastic article by Jordan 'Rizzle' Stephens. But for now, here's my favourite photograph by Mike!!

Friday, 5 February 2010


Pre-Order the AMAZING new Issue of YEAH Magazine. Spring 2010 YM005 Girls and Boys. This is the most amazing and beautiful issue of YEAH yet. So please support the project and order a copy!