Friday, 23 April 2010

Max's Blog for YEAH

Max Thought he would do us a post for a blog.. Here it is -

Max’s YEAH Blog

Grandmas are exciting people. No doubt about that. Sure, you get the odd grumpy grandma that tell young bucks to tuck their shirts, but even that gives them an edge that all you young arty hipster types just don’t have. My Grandma isn’t a Granny, or a Nan; she is a full blown, eccentric power-house of a Grandma. I love her. We write to each other quite a bit, it’s a little bit of old school, a whole load of amazing. When he was alive my Grandfather would send me newspaper clippings and National Geographic magazines, just what every young whippersnapper needs. Grandma keeps up the tradition; big brown envelopes, dentist stickers on the front and a whole load of surprises inside. Just like this blog (Yes Errey, I am going somewhere with this). This is my homage to Grandma.

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