Wednesday, 28 April 2010

17 Days till YM006

The Big count down in on!!! 17 Days till YM006 is Released!
We always say the new issue is going to be the best yet,
BUT its so true every time.

YM006 Festivals is going to be the BEST MOST BEAUTIFUL issue yet!!!

The picture above was taken in the Editors meeting last night.
Stevie is just being her normal self... and Errey sporting his brand new bored of Southsea Tshirt!
Check them out they sell YEAH too!
During the meeting we got previews from our good friend Johan Nilsson (Swedish photographer) of the YM006 Cover shots! THEY LOOK AMAZING.
The new cover will be released very soon!
Watch this space....

YEAH again is on the brink of a whole new amazing stage of its existence... It's all going swimmingly, please keep supporting us over the up and coming months!

Thank you

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