Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Overdue YEAH Love

Sorry lovelies, we've been a bit rubbish recently, and we'd like to apologise for neglecting all you dedicated blog readers.

Festivals is looking very exciting... Please keep submitting content - the deadline is APRIL 5th!!

YEAH's mummy and daddy had an exciting meeting last night!! A business meeting, in a wine bar, in Chichester!! Oooooh!!

I can't really think what to update you on at the moment, it's all been very crazy in Erreytown and Stevetown recently...

But yeah, on to the real reason I came to write a blog today...


Thank you to everyone who's submitted Childhood content so far.

The plan's changed a bit (I told you this would happen, we've got my uni tutors to thank), now I'm going to focus the ENTIRE thing on Children's Books.

So if you've got a moment to spare, it would be really awesome if you could submit something! Your chance to get published in a VERY exciting, limited edition YEAH.

The brief:

I am asking you to create a response to your favourite childhood book - it can be whatever book you treasure the most, or the one that stands out in your memory.

Your response can be in whatever form you choose - be it writing, photography, drawing, anything. There really are no boundaries in this.

Think about what the book means to you, how it makes you feel, what emotions it brings out.

If you want any help, or advice, or even if you just want to run ideas past me... email

Unfortunately, as with anything, there has to be a deadline.... But it's pretty far off this time.

I'm going to ask that you submit content by APRIL 2ND.

I look forward to seeing your responses, and having as many of you onboard as possible!

Steve (& errey) MEGA LOVE


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