Tuesday, 23 March 2010

News from YEAH HQ - Subscriptions

Hello To all you YEAH People!
We hope you are well! Things have been going well here at YEAH HQ. We have been working very hard on promoting our Latest Issue YM005 Girls and Boys and now working VERY hard on the Next Issue YM006 Festivals out May 15th.
The YEAH Network has been growing well and we would like to thank everyone that has been involved! It simply wouldn’t happen without you!

YEAH’s Latest Issue YM005 is Available NOW from
YM005 is our greatest issue yet, FILLED with amazing new work from a whole host of new talented people! Its also in a brand new beautiful format, YEAH is now perfect bound! We have a spine =)
We think you will love it!

The YEAH 2010 Subscription is now available too!
Only £12 (in the UK) for the ALL 4 issues INCLUDING postage!
If you are out of the UK it will only be a little more because of extra postage!
*To get the subscription just simply email errey@yeah-magazine.com and we will sort you out!*

Keep getting involved with YEAH we are on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr

Errey + Stevie
The Editors

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