Monday, 23 November 2009

YEAHs BIG News- YEAH + The Youth Led Media Summit

YEAH a few weeks ago was contacted by a lovely person called Warsan ( shes a girl ) lol

Warsan was been working very very hard to create the Youth-Led Media Summit 09 on the 15th December in London! The Summit would have loads of interesting people attending, all there to help projects like YEAH and the people who run them. The day will also consist of work shops that are designed to help People in the Youth-Led Media all run by industry professionals. The Summit is going to be the voice of Projects like YEAH. So perfect to help us!

ALSO there will be many interesting people there including...
The Editor of DAZED and CONFUSED!!!! Rod Stanley!!! (excited Errey!)
So yeah we were like coool! This is going to be very helpful to us and we cant wait etc, thought nothing more of it..

In mean time Errey sent a mag to lovely Warsan to look at...

And Today Errey got a call.. Warsan on the line! They liked the magazine sooo much that they have given us a 5 minute slot to address the whole summit!! They thought it was sooo good that they think we could inspire others! Quality!! =)

This could be a massive break for The YEAH Project!!! We are soo excited!!!

SOOO Thanks to the lovely Warsan!!
( Who btw said she would introduce us to Rod Stanley! OMG lol )

AND please everyone wish us luck on our 5 min presentation!!!




  1. That's awesome guys! Hopefully it'll be an important day for YEAH. good luck with the presentation

  2. awwwwwwwww!!! thanks guys you rock super socks! i have to say i cant take all the credit, beautiful Susana has done looooooooadss and loads for the summit too, you'll meet her on the day. shes lovely!

    and were both well happy you blogged us!

    cant wait to meet you!

    Warsan (a girl :-/ ) lol