Friday, 27 November 2009

Paul Gonella in YM004

See Paul Gonella is YEAHs 4th Issue YM004 URBAN.
Paul Gonella is such a cool guy FULL STOP! We haven't been lucky enough to meet Paul face to face yet but as soon as he knew about the YEAH project he has been supportive all the way! It has been said that Paul is Mr Southsea;
anything interesting going on in the area he knows about it!
What a stand up guy!
Check out Pauls Site

This is the hub of Pauls Creative Talents! His photography is fantastic! Truely inspiring.

You will see all that Paul does Including Super 8 film and zines! Brilliant!

( I just bought one of Pauls Zines and im very excited! - Errey )

Paul also is a part of Strong Island - One the most active Blogs of all time keep everyone up to date with the goings on in the Portsmouth area - Covering most things including - skateboarding, art, design, photography, film, music and events!

Check it out!

Pauls work in YM004 was a collaboration with Tom McCaughan and Bored Skate shop Southsea. The Photo work is epic! Check it out! buy a copy of YM004 either from Bored in Albert shop Southsea or off
Thanks for all your support! Keep the amazing Imagery going dude!