Tuesday, 17 November 2009

See Kiara and Ramona Jones in YM004

See the Jones Sisters in YEAHs fourth issue YM004 URBAN.
Ramona (left)and Kiara (right) are two very talented Photographers and Models from Bristol.
In YM004 the pair switched usual roles;
Ramona took the shot and Kiara was model...
We are SURE we are going to see great things from these two. Great talent emerging and at the age of 16 + 14! If YEAH Model Agency existed
(maybe one day!) we would sign them today!
There online Presence is a bit Limited atm but check out Kiara's Flickr on the link bellow.


Thanks to Ramona + Kiara for their contribution to YM004!
You two are lovely!

You can get a copy of YM004 off www.yeah-magazine.com now!
Please support the Project and buy a copy!


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