Thursday, 15 October 2009

YM005's Theme is Announced!!

First things first, MASSIVE thanks to everyone who submitted work for YM004 themed URBAN. We have been amazed by how much we have received, and how brilliant it all is!! We'll try our best to fit as much in as we can, but whatever doesn't make it, will be showcased on our blog!

But onto new and exciting things... While Errey and myself slave away putting together YM004 (Released November 15th - BUY A COPY!), we want all you lovely contributors to get working on the next issue!!

So, the moment you've all been waiting for!!

What is this magical secret theme we've been keeping under our hats??

(Drumroll please....)

YM005's theme is...


What does this make you think of?

Your submissions should be YOUR interpretation of this theme!!

And just for the hell of it, here's a sign we saw in Sweden which we thought was quite appropriate!! (Even though it says boys & girls not girls & boys)

We're already getting excited to see what we get sent for this theme!!

Good luck guys!!!

I just stumbled across an interesting fact, which I think fits in very well with this theme, and might get some of you thinking!!

Out of 282 fans on our facebook page... 56% are GIRLS and 42% are BOYS

Which interesting leaves a spare 2% of unidentified gender!!

(Just a bit of a boring disclaimer - As a public facing magazine we have to be very careful about the inclusion of nudity in the magazine. Please bear in mind that we will only include such images if they are art, and if the nudity is essential to the image. As Wise Errey once said "No boobies for boobies sake")

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