Friday, 23 October 2009

Introducing Nirit Sumeruk!

Introducing NEW YEAH TALENT!
Nirit Sumeruk has wrote an article for YM004 Urban. We love it.
Here is a bit of what Nirit is all about! Enjoy

Mesdames and Messieurs, please meet Nirit!

Journalist, blogger, TV presenter, actress, and casually known as the ‘Carry Bradshaw of Paris’, Nirit Sumeruk who originally hails from Cape Town is slowly becoming the talk on Parisians lips.
With an array of exciting projects currently in the works – one of which is her blogazine ‘Paris Popcorn’ where she captures exclusive scenes in fashion, literature, film, art and general happenings that mostly occur in Paris. Now with growing popularity she is looking to start expanding her Popcorn brand to other capital cities too. In essence Nirit is publishing her personal experiences and encounters often focusing on the ambiance the look and the taste of events people and objects, and aims to let her readers feel part of the fuss.

Whether she is mingling with pop-stars, royalty, film directors or book authors she likes to keep it real and down-to-earth – as she says ‘even glamour has a backstage entrance that can be just as, if not more exciting!'
Is she a tastemaker? Yes! She has a fairly large international following who regard what she features in her blogazine as worth knowing about – especially if it’s something coming out of or influenced by the glamour capital. Her articles and personal tastes have even been published in a number of glossy magazines around the world. "I'm obsessed with finding material to write about that resemble bits of treasure and share them with the world. I like to see my work as the ultimate excuse for a coffee break! I like to deliver pieces that are quick and easy to read filled with images and videos that provide my readers a 5-minute ‘pop-cultural’ refresher break before getting back to work – and also to give them something to talk about when standing next to the coffee pot. We are filled with so much information today especially on politics, that I think it’s important to balance it out with a little something light and glitzy - something to refresh the atmosphere!”

Other than her passionate affair with her blog, she also works as an international television presenter (did we mention she speaks like 5 languages?!) and gets asked to co-host live events from World Chocolate Masters to World Video-Game Masters from Paris to Las Vegas - and also has her hand as an actress in theatre, short films, music videos and commercials…..
“What can I say? I’m addicted to the world of reportage be it dramatically on the stage, in front of the camera or behind my Mac feeding my hungry blog….”
No wonder people call Nirit Sumeruk an “international media daaahling”….

(for more on Nirit visit and visit her blog

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