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Alex Errey Reviews - Seasick Steve

Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time

Released: Out Now

Track listing

1.Diddley Bo 3:51

2.Big Green and Yeller 4:15

3.Happy (To have a Job) 3:06

4.The Banjo Song 3:30

5.Man from another Time 3:14

6.That's All 4:39

7.Just Because I Can (CSX) 3:40

8.Never Go West 3:30

9.Dark 3:55

10.Wenatchee 3:54

11.My Home (Blue Eyes) 2:29

12 Seasick Boogie 5:24

Country music has always been close to my heart, I usually like thinks no one else done. Weird taste I attribute to my blood, we aren’t the most sensible of families. I listen to the classics from Conway Twitty, The Statler Brothers, Willie Nelson and of course the legendary stylings of Johnny Cash. These are but a few artists from one of the most expressive music genres out there. It's always nice though, to see a little change to a well set way of making tunes, and no one mixes up the country and western scene more than the unique stylings of Steve Wold, better know as Seasick Steve.

After already unleashing three best selling albums onto the world, Steve is back to dominate this year’s Christmas list. Man From Another Time combines the solitary sounds of traditional country and what I can only describe as Euphoric Blues, yes I know that sounds illogical but Seasick Steve has a way of picking you up while telling a story, straight from the tales of Steve. It's a story of a man just trying to get on in life, make a living and settle down with the people they love most.

Of course, Steve once again has produced some outstanding work. He wrote all the tracks himself, a talent in itself. The worlds favourite guitar, The Three String Trance Wonder, is back and is still produce that obscure, broken yet energetic sound with the (literally, I'm Sure!) blistering "Seasick Boogie", which is just a song for the sake of it. Seasick Steve always has a wildcard on his albums, this one being no different with the song "Diddley Bo". Not many men can play a guitar, let alone well but Steve has gone one step further with his home-made ONE-string guitar, The Diddley Bo. If you want to get your hands on one of these musical wonders, no worries, the song is its on instruction manual. Basically it's a piece of wood, a guitar string and a couple of tin cans, but I don't think anyone can play it better than Steve. On Percussion this time round is Dan, Steve's long time pal and a gentleman straight out of the Muppets. There has never been a better Dead Ringer for Animal! His drumming style is indvidual to say the least, Hypnotic doesn't do it justice. The "Not so Secret, Secret Track" has guest vocal by Amy LaVere, a young American singer making a name for herself in recent months. They duet the beautiful "I'm so lonesome I could Cry" by Hank Williams. There is also a recorded phone call at the end of the album, odd but worth a listen.

I didn't know what to expect from a forth album. I was worried that maybe Steve should quit while he's ahead, I don't know how long his trance blues will stay fresh with today’s music scene. I will say that Man From Another Time is some of his best work, "That's All" is an instant classic. Even with all his recent success here in Europe, Steve is still down to earth, stuck to his roots. He's a man who gets great pleasure from buying himself a new John Deere Baseball Cap, that’s who we must see Steve as. A man, who likes the simple things in life, has a passion for music & can play guitar, very well.

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