Wednesday, 13 January 2010

YM005 Cover Being Shot Today by Max Catterall - Hear what he has to say

Max Today will be shooting the cover for YM005 Girls and Boys.
YEAH is very excited.
We wanted you guys to hear a little from Max..
So here you are..

Over to Max =)

Since leaving Alton, where I met Errey and Stevie, plus a whole load of other amazing people! It’s also where I first heard of YEAH, and I’ve wanted to get involved with it since. Most of my work is an architectural style but it’s all the people and little details within the scene that interest me. Since Alton I’ve moved down to Bournemouth to study Commercial Photography, which is INCREDIBLE. I’m just coming to the end up a big portraiture project that has been focused on technical skills and printing. My first ever go at Portraiture, and on cameras I’ve never used before? Love it. So at the Youth Led Media Summit when the idea of me shooting the cover for Girls and Boys came up, there could only be one answer!

SWEEEET. Seriously excited about shooting this tonight


Watch this space for the Cover the release for YM005

Coming very soon.

Be excited!!! Because we are!


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