Tuesday, 12 January 2010

YM004 Interviews

Errey and Stevie YM004 Interview

For the Contributors section of YM004 we revamped it by having a random interview with a couple of the issues talents! We Chose Photographer Johan Nilsson and Writer Esther Rayson.
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Stevie and Errey Answered the questions too! See bellow-
YEAH- Whats your favourite type of cheese?

E- REALLY big Babybell from france
S- Really mature Cheddar mmm Cathedral City

YEAH- What would you do if you were given a £1000? (you have to spend it.. )

E- Defo buy a Rolleiflex.
S- Go to New York

YEAH- What are your Phobias?

E – Claustrophobic!
S- Window Cleaners

YEAH- What is your most expensive piece of Clothing?

E- Sixty Coat =£200
S-Cocktail Dress =£75

YEAH- If you could go to any country, what would it be?

E-Anywhere than has F1!!

YEAH- If you could meet anyone Famous who would it be?

E- Rankin
S- Myself

YEAH- What’s your Favourite movie?

E- Pulp Fiction
S- Lion King

YEAH- If you could be an animal?

S- Flamingo

YEAH- Fav body part?

E- Face
S- Legs

There you are; an insight to the great minds behind YEAH..


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