Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Themes!!

Are you sitting comfortably?

We've had a very exciting week, as usual!!

On Tuesday night we welcomed our newest member of the team, YEAH's Business Strategist, Andy Mew!!

Andy is a graduate from Portsmouth University, and he's joined us to back up the business side of things. The plan is for him to kick Errey and I into touch and help really get things off the ground.

His first achievement as Business Strategist was to get us organised, and sort out themes!!

So, are you ready for this? We've decided on all of YEAH's themes for 2010!!

We all know that YM005 in February will be themed GIRLS & BOYS.
(A bit of a celebration, it's our first birthday!!)

If you want to get involved, simply submit whatever work you think is appropriate to the theme. The deadline for all submissions is January 4th 2010 (Although if you're a writer, we'll love you forever if you get your article to us before then!)

Girls & Boys not quite for you??

Try one of our other themes in 2010.

YM006 out MAY 2010

YM007 out AUGUST 2010

YM008 out NOVEMBER 2010

Get submitting guys!

Much Love, YEAH!

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