Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Chris Saltmarsh

Chris Saltmarsh - Illustrator/Graphic Designer and General Very Nice Guy. Chris's work was way back in YM002. Since then he been a busy boy! Creating some amazing work and living it up to the max . Recently Chris has been helping YEAH in trying to get it sold in shops in Bristol! Watch this space!

So i thought it would be cool to let you guys know what he has been up to.

Over to Chris!

''What am I doing these days? A big question, Errey! Riiiight, since finishing my Art Foundation course at Alton, I’ve moved onto studying Illustration at Bristol UWE. My current Uni project is going to be based on OCDs/disorders/thought processes/ general things that make us tick over. I’m focussing a lot of this study on a fascinating disorder called Synesthesia, in which people have a jumble of senses, and when reading, read in various colours. Bristol’s a city packed with inspiration; from the street art, to the underground music. Oh, and the cider bar, on a boat. AMAZING.

Recently I’ve started my first proper scribble book; I’m in dire need of some more thinking space, so it’s going to be jammed with all the things going on upstairs. Snippets of this book will no doubt be popping up on my Flickr page soon (http://www.flickr.com/chrissaltmarsh). I’ll also be making my own blog soon, which’ll probably run in conjunction with the scribble book. I’ll keep you posted.
I’m also keeping you up to date with The Impossible Project; thank God these guys are bringing back Polaroid! Lots of messing about with fresh new stock in the new year.

I’m once again getting involved with Myspace layout design for various clients; currently got one in the pipeline for a dubstep duo, ‘Arclight’. That’ll be completed in the next few days. If you’re into dubstep yourself, they’re worth a listen, and if you’re around Bristol, come check out one of their DJ sets! (http://www.myspace.com/operationarclight). Also completed one over the summer for a sick band called ‘Workhorse’, WELL worth a listen (http://www.myspace.com/workhorse3).
That’s about it really, Errey. Hopefully that’s covered all the bases!

Take it easy,

Chris x

We hope to see some of Chris's work in YEAH in the future!
People! Let us know what you are doing! So we can tell others!
AND if you have a shop in mind where we could Sell YEAH Please let us know!




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