Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Errey went to Morroco

Last week Errey went to Morocco... WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE!!!

If you ever get a chance to go I totally endorse that you do. I was lucky enough to go along on a Photography trip taking 39 17/18 year olds to Marrakech and De Imlil in the Atlas Mountains (don’t beat me up for spellings!). When we first step foot out in center of the city it felt like being on a film set! There was so much going on, with lots of new sights and smells bombarding the senses. It’s all so different to the UK. What a brilliant place for photography, there is a picture around every corner; you become “photo-ed” out because there is just so much!
In complete juxtaposition to the busy Marrakech, an hours drive away up into the mountains sitting at the base Mountain Jbel Toubkal was De Imlil an incredible Berber village set in a huge picturesque valley. We had a Kasbah luxury hotel all to ourselves; being staff we had UBER luxury rooms. SO good! We were there for a couple of days going on hikes around the valley, chilling out in the Berber villages, relaxing on balcony in the nice weather and having a few drinkies in the evenings. PERFECT.
I didn’t want to leave the mountains at all. I will be going back.

Isn’t traveling brilliant?


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