Monday, 21 September 2009

Icecreamists Launch Party!

Stevie and I were lucky enough to go to the Launch party of 'God Save the Cream' by the Icecreamists. The Icecreamists are bloody sexy cool bunch of guys who make quality ice cream and flipping awesome cocktails all headed up 'The master of Cool Innovation' Matt O'Connor.

'A subversive new ice cream brand will launch in Selfridges' Flagship Oxford Street store in September 2009 with subterranean "God Save The Cream" themed ice cream and entertainment installation in the store's Ultralounge on the lower ground floor.'

We were lucky enough to go in the place of Lucianna Bianchi, Thank you Lucianna you are amazing!

The best i can describe God Save the Cream is like a sexy club/Live venue with Ice cream, with added in Beautiful super models and lovely friendly staff. The whole effect of the Installation is absolutely brilliant, From the Gothic interior to the pimped out ice cream van with a full size manikin of the queen. I especially liked the Icrecreamists Deck chairs. Oh yeah the cocktails and ice cream was incredible too!

The whole thing was a class act. We loved it. If your in London go see it! Its only there for a month!

We want to get into more reviewing of events and helping to promote them, If you have an event and want to invite us and get our support please get in contact.

Errey and Stevie looking rather happy!

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  1. we produce 100's of branded deckchairs every year just like the one we made for the Icecreamist.