Tuesday, 28 July 2009

YEAH Daddy is back

Hello all!

Errey is back! i am back from my amazing hols. Eurotrip, best roadtrip ever it was FANTASTIC. Making friends with the locals is the best. I will remember bar la tasca and Carlos the barman who tried to take me somewhere unknown with an old man, forever.

SO yes i am terribly sorry that i disappeared for a while, i needed to party. BUT i am back and Stevie and I are ON IT. The mag is coming along. We have been put back a bit but we are still out on the 15th of AUG. This issue is set to be the best yet. PLEASE buy a copy off the site. The project is for you, so please support it.

YEAHs new website is looking like mega beautiful. Stevie has been working her little otter like fingers to the bone. The new site is going to be the new beautiful platform for the YEAH community and we hope you enjoy it and you can get your work seen!!

Support us! We love you.

My advice is to go to Barcelona and grow a tash.

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